Bespoke design solutions

Using the latest in automated and digital technology, we can provide you with an end-to-end service that covers bespoke design, custom or scalable manufacture, 3D evaluation and high-fidelity simulation of carbon composites and other advanced materials for high-value applications.

Our services

Our services encompass complex design, modelling, advanced manufacturing, 3D diagnostics, high-fidelity simulation, testing, and optimisation for a range of components for defence, aerospace, clean energy, and various other sectors.

We have significant experience with diverse composite materials and structures – all enquiries are welcome.

Case studies

  • Gridded Composite Rocket Body

    We designed and manufactured a Gridded Rocket Body, Payload Module utilising the superior performance of an orthogrid structure. 

  • Satellite Chassis

    Partnering with key satellite manufacturers, we have developed a thermoplastic composite single-piece, join-free, cuboid structure. It was additively manufactured with high-strength carbon-fibres using our dual-laser automated fibre placement system.

  • Digital material twin and high-fidelity simulation

    Leveraging real 3D geometries of manufactured materials and components is a game-changer for precise modelling and simulations.

  • Thermally Stable Satellite Strut

    We designed and manufactured a 500mm tubular satellite strut with low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) in accordance with space requirements that demand a maximum porosity of 1.5%.

  • Low-CTE Telescope Structure

    New Frontier Technologies in partnership with the Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre (AITC) at ANU has designed and manufactured a biaxially-optimised low-CTE carbon-fibre support structure meticulously tailored for the ANU DREAMS telescope with its stringent design requirements.

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We are ready to partner with innovative, ambitious teams to push through to new frontiers. If you have an idea, challenge, project, product or prototype you need help to develop, we want to hear from you!