State-of-the-art additive manufacturing

Achieve rapid, low-energy, low-waste manufacturing that will take your business or idea to a new frontier.

Our unique digital manufacturing platform allows us to assess components during manufacture to ensure that design requirements are being met to exacting standards in real-time.

We use state-of-the-art additive manufacturing technologies to rapidly deliver composite structures. Our ability to place and align the carbon fibres within our composites precisely allows us to produce components that meet the mechanical, cryogenic and low out-gassing performance required for space structures, extreme temperatures, and sensitive instrumentation.

Product Development

Our digital manufacturing platform enables us to offer you an iterative product development process. Analysis of 3D manufacturing data and CT imaging further informs and refines the design.  It ensures the highest level of safety and reliability for your products.

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From prototype to serial production

The high level of accuracy and precision developed during our design optimisation and prototyping stages is maintained during the volume production stage. This means where you need to scale up production, high-quality composites are produced to your requirements and specifications, consistently and repeatably.

Real-time testing

We can provide you with a new standard of assurance during the manufacturing process, with real-time monitoring to ensure alignment with designs.

We are expanding our capability to gather process data, and build live 3D visualisations to support consistency and increase confidence during component manufacture, bringing the true Industry 4.0 experience to Australia. This will further reduce product variation and enable sophisticated design enhancements.

Partner with us

We are constantly evolving our offering to meet the needs of industry, expanding our manufacturing to components with uniform thickness, gridded structures, complex geometries, and smoother surfaces.  Where these developments are of interest to you, we would welcome an opportunity to partner with you.

Similar case studies

Gridded Composite Rocket Body

We designed and manufactured a Gridded Rocket Body, Payload Module utilising the superior performance of an orthogrid structure. 

Satellite Chassis

Partnering with key satellite manufacturers, we have developed a thermoplastic composite single-piece, join-free, cuboid structure. It was additively manufactured with high-strength carbon-fibres using our dual-laser automated fibre placement system.

Digital material twin and high-fidelity simulation

Leveraging real 3D geometries of manufactured materials and components is a game-changer for precise modelling and simulations.