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Our composite design expertise allows us to design components that outperform metals or alloys due to their excellent strength- and stiffness-to-weight ratios that we can achieve. New Frontier Technologies has experience in designing gridded lightweight structures for rocket bodies, chassis and struts for satellites, cylindrical structures with tailored properties to your thermal and mechanical requirements for precision instrumentation, and more,

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Improving and enhancing your current design

We can take your existing parts or designs and work with you to develop an improved high-performance composite solution that exceeds your requirements.

New Frontier Technologies can:

  • iterate, evolve and enhance your components throughout the design and manufacture process.
  • analyse failed composite components to map the location and orientation of the carbon fibre reinforcement to inform designs that avoid a repeat failure.
  • use simulations to test our designs against your requirements and advise on ways to further improve performance.

All our designs are optimised towards our additive manufacturing processes and utilise the whole functionality of our digital manufacturing platform.

Case studies

Gridded Composite Rocket Body

We designed and manufactured a Gridded Rocket Body, Payload Module utilising the superior performance of an orthogrid structure. 

Satellite Chassis

Partnering with key satellite manufacturers, we have developed a thermoplastic composite single-piece, join-free, cuboid structure. It was additively manufactured with high-strength carbon-fibres using our dual-laser automated fibre placement system.

Digital material twin and high-fidelity simulation

Leveraging real 3D geometries of manufactured materials and components is a game-changer for precise modelling and simulations.