Gridded Composite Rocket Body

We designed and manufactured a Gridded Rocket Body, Payload Module utilising the superior performance of an orthogrid structure. 

Satellite Chassis

Partnering with key satellite manufacturers, we have developed a thermoplastic composite single-piece, join-free, cuboid structure. It was additively manufactured with high-strength carbon-fibres using our dual-laser automated fibre placement system.

Digital material twin and high-fidelity simulation

Leveraging real 3D geometries of manufactured materials and components is a game-changer for precise modelling and simulations.

Thermally Stable Satellite Strut

We designed and manufactured a 500mm tubular satellite strut with low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) in accordance with space requirements that demand a maximum porosity of 1.5%.

Low-CTE Telescope Structure

New Frontier Technologies in partnership with the Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre (AITC) at ANU has designed and manufactured a biaxially-optimised low-CTE carbon-fibre support structure meticulously tailored for the ANU DREAMS telescope with its stringent design requirements.